A Fresh Start…

So I figured I’d take a short break from everything I’m trying to do and get atleast one post out for the month of July.  I’ve been wanting to write something for awhile now but there always seems to be something else that has my time.  RL still gets about 90% of my time, with most of that going to my little princess (who is almost six months old) and my wonderful hubby, the remainder of my time is split up between SL and my Facebook game addiction, Cityville.  No need to really say it but my RL is the best it’s ever been and I find myself smiling all the time at all the blessings I have there…now on to SL.

I’m happy to report that my SL is just as great as my RL.  This is probably due in large part to how happy I am in my RL, but also the fact that I have adjusted to being a single woman once again and find I really enjoy it!  Maybe it’s because my time is so limited in SL or because I was attached to someone for almost four years (when you add up the three men I was with pretty much back to back), but no matter what it is I relish my freedom now!  There is something to be said for logging in when you want and doing what you want, with whom you want, when you want and not having to answer to anyone but yourself.  Do I miss Des? Yes I do, very much.  Do I miss what him and I shared?  Yes, more than he probably knows; But at the same time I’m happy in the place I find myself now.  I still have moments when I feel sad, afterall Des and I were together for three years but for the most part I find myself focusing on what I enjoy and nothing else. 

I just recently moved into a new home, not land, just a new home rental…More space, more prim and ofcourse alittle more money.  I love it!  The house is more me and for the first time in a LONG time I get to fill it with all the things I want.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved making a house a home for me and Des, but there is something to be said about only having to please myself.  Besides moving into my new place(which still isnt done), I’ve been working hard on cleaning and I mean cleaning my inventory.  My goal was to delete almost nine thousand items from it and so far I have deleted about eight thousand, which I’m so excited about.  It’s been over a year since I spent any true time on it and it certainly showed.  My other little mini addiction of late is Meeroos.  I currently have two of them, my first Eva and the one I just got last night my toy size Fiona.  My sweet wonderful friend Maribeth breeds them and gave me one as a gift!  That was so awesome of her.  I am thinking of getting atleast one more, I would love to breed them but simply don’t have the time or the money to invest right now.  None the less it’s nice having some for pets. 

Many things in my life are new now, I just feel different…a new chapter in my life if you will.  I’ve had many over the five years I’ve been in SL ( yes you heard correctly FIVE years) but I think this is a doozy.  A new me….new skin, new tats( I would like not only new but more of them) and I even dress differently in some ways.  Now a new home…new furniture…new pets and I’ve decided even new art work.  I’ve had some with me from my first days in SL and I think it’s time to just purge myself of them and start fresh.  Do I ever see myself being in another relationship here again?  It’s a HUGE maybe, I dont need anyone here and I’m certainly not looking.  It would take one hell of a man to convince me to try again anyway, besides being single isn’t a bad thing.  For one thing I can meet more people single and hope I can do that when I finally have the time to do so.  For now I just enjoy working on my projects or going to live shows or spending time with the friends I have, which are fantastic.  Yes, my SL is great…a fresh, new and happy beginning…again.

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