Free Thoughts…

Just some free flowing thoughts…

Is working on forgiveness and understanding, easily spoken about but one of the hardest things to do.  Now if only someone else I know would work on the understanding part a lot more.

My fave fave NEW clothing item is the Aragon skirt from Fishy Strawberry.  After seeing it on my friend Tara I had to run and get the whole fat pack.  So versatile!

Still need to get to pose fair before it’s over, not that I need many couples poses anymore, but, ya never know what other goodies I might find…ya know?

Debating splurging and buying a dress from Azul, just not sure which one.

I just found myself a new Killers tee in world, YAY!

Can’t believe I will be turning five in SL in June!  How time flies!

Really, REALLY needs to clean my inventory before it explodes all over the grid.

Ok, that is all 🙂

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