A Quick Update!! (or Holy Sh*t She is Alive!)

Hey Everyone!  I know it’s been forever since I’ve been able to post anything here.  I haven’t had much time these days to be in world since I have been enjoying being a new mommy in RL to a beautiful baby girl who is going to be turning two months old very soon!  My RL couldn’t be better!  Normally I pop in world for a few minutes everyday and if I get the chance I spend alittle more.  Usually it’s to hit a Digby Smalls show or to go shopping, or to just hang at home and chat with friends who might be around.  I do miss SL, and sometimes feel so out of the loop these days, but, I wouldn’t change my RL for anything in the world.  Eventually I will be able to make my way back slow but surely.  Oh and I can’t forget my best SL news of all…my friend TARA returned to SL after being gone what felt like forever!  SL was never the same without her and her timing couldn’t have been better!  Ok, think I will keep this post short and sweet.  Gonna get my butt moving, must return soon to my RL duties!  Hope everyone out there who reads this little blog is doing great!  God Bless!

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